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My name is Mike Zichelle, I’m a BJJ Brown Belt, former professional middleweight mixed martial arts champion and two-time Bellator MMA veteran. My main goal is simple; to help the people in my community get on the mats and see for themselves the many incredible benefits of training martial arts. My desire is to give people in the community a SAFE and COMFORTABLE environment to practice EFFECTIVE and PROVEN martial arts techniques. I hope to build a stronger, happier and more confident community in the process. I plan to use my past as a martial artist combined with knowledge gained from being a safety manager to ensure the safety of all of our members through proper orientation and communication. If you have any other questions please see the FAQS section on our page.

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Brazilan jiujitsu (BJJ) is one of the fastest growing and most effective martial arts one can train. The premise of BJJ is that a smaller, weaker person can defeat a stronger and larger opponent through use of proper technique and leverage.Brazilian jiujitsu is primarily a ground fighting art, where the practioners train in a gi or "kimuno."The techniques involve a heavy emphasis on positional control, strategy drills and live rolling, to help with your techniques and submissions. once in the proper position, many different types of submissions can be applied such as arm locks, wrist locks, chokes, and leg locks, Some of the primary positions include but are not limited to are: guard, mount,side control, half guard, and back mount. All levels are welcome! No experience needed!


Muay Thai/ Kickboxing 
At ZMMA” kickboxing class is known not only for its technique and strategies it’s also well known for the amazing physical benefits you will gain. “ZMMA” Kickboxing is the perfect striking class that provides the student with the tools they need for the ring, even they never fight! Prepare to sweat and get an amazing workout, burning some serious calories in the process. This is a great class for beginners all the way to advanced students who wish to learn proper kickboxing techniques as well as get in shape. Classes will include shadowboxing, footwork skills, pad work, heavy bag training, and various partner drills to improve timing and reflexes. Zichelle Mixed Martial Arts offers beginner friendly classes to help get you started on the right path. Get inspired and try a class today!
Our fundamental kickboxing class is one of our most popular classes, and is perfect for students new to martial arts training.
Students will concentrate on offensive and defensive development, that will help properly prepare the student for the next level of their training. This class will provide beginners with the conditioning of a fighter and the tools for the ring, even though they may never compete.
This is NOT a cardio kickboxing class. This is a real deal kickboxing class that will develop your skills, along with all the physical, cardio, and self-defense benefits this class has to offer.
The next level of advanced training requires additional protective equipment and will be an extension of the beginner curriculum. Here the kickboxing students will learn more advanced offensive and defensive strategies and combinations. This class can only be attended after completion of the beginner class, or with your instructors permission.


Known as the "sweet science" Our boxing program will improve your offensive punching skills and defensive blocking skills with technical drills. Learn the proper way to incorporate the heavy bag, shadow boxing, and focus mitt training to improve in our intelligent and safe approach to boxing.


(Nogi) submission grappling is similar to Brazilian jiujitsu, in that alot of the same positions, submissions, and techniques are used and developed. This program combines elements from Brazilian jiujitsu, wrestling, judo and sambo. The major difference is there is no kimuno or gi used during training. Students will wear a rash guard or tee shirt with/grappling/board shorts. This is an all levels class with no experience needed. Zichelle MMA/ BJJ also offers an excellent beginner program for those to drill the essential fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu


Standing for the words Mixed Martial Arts, this is the program you’ve been looking for to take your combat sports training to a higher level. MMA is a sport (popularized by the UFC/ Bellator), in which two competitors attempt to defeat each other by utilizing a wide variety of techniques, including striking and grappling. This program blends the key elements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing and Conditioning. The instructors for this class are trained professional MMA veterans, who have an abundance of knowledge and experience in the sport.


Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling-type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. Wrestling techniques will be integrated into multiple classes at ZMMA. wrestling techniques will be taught in gi classes, nogi classes as well as all levels M.M.A classes. Through this course students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way.


 We want to offer something different and unique for the children in the area. An opportunity to decide for themselves which martial art they want to train in, while offering them a mix of martial arts to choose from. Our kids mma program will consist of three separate aspects kickboxing/ Muay Thai, wrestling and Jiujitsu. We want to provide kids the opportunity to train all aspects of mixed martial arts, the standing striking aspect, the wrestling aspect as well as how to defend themselves once on the ground, the jiu-jitsu aspect. Kids can expect to learn 

·        Kickboxing/Muay thai 

·        Wrestling 

·        Jiu-Jitsu (Gi/No Gi)



First, the reality of the situation is that bullies are looking for an easy target and a child that walks, talks, and acts with confidence is not an easy target. The simple fact that they train Jiu Jitsu and are prepared for self-defense situations makes them less likely to get bullied in school.


Secondly, we have the overall health benefit of training Jiu Jitsu. Getting your kid(s) out on the mat will challenge them physically every single class. They will work hard, they will sweat, and they will be exhausted. But most of all they will grow.  They will grow in both mental strength, and physical strength. They will witness themselves, and others, set goals and achieve them through belt promotions or competitions.


Training Jiu Jitsu will teach them about being a part of something.  It will teach them how to be a good teammate and how to win with humility and take a loss like a champion.  Jiu Jitsu will teach them to build others up, not to tear them down and it will give them the confidence to do what is right. Jiu Jitsu will build a courage in them unlike anything else, giving them the courage to stand up for themselves, to chase their dreams, and face challenges they previously thought were too daunting. 


Women in these courses will be able to take their self defense as far as they want to. Improve your Cardio, Stamina, Core Strength, and Flexibility as well as situational awareness in this course. In this course we will be teaching women the principles behind kickboxing as well as highlighting SELF DEFENSE situations in each class. We will go over concepts that include striking, grappling and jiu-jitsu (NOGI). My main goal with this course is to get more women on the mats!!! Get the workout you’re looking for and the information you need in a clean, professional and safe environment.

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active wear/gym clothing


Martial arts teaches children self defense, self confidence, and respect. Children will learn valuable principles not only technically about various martial arts but also about self control, anti-bullying, and kindness. ZMMA/BJJ has a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone using their martial arts knowledge to harm others.


Yes! At ZMMA/BJJ we do not separate the boys and girls. They are both being taught the same curriculum together.


No you do not, at ZMMA/BJJ we pride ourselves on creating an environment that ALL LEVELS can thrive in. Regardless if it's your tenth year on the mats or your first day you will be greeted with help and encouragement. At ZMMA/BJJ we have a home for everyone; we do not discriminate!


Absolutely not! Sparring live is something reserved for more experienced students. Our first goal is to build a proper base with anyone trying to learn striking . We do this with a series of mitt work, padwork, situational drilling and heavy bag work. Our goal is to build anyone to the point of sparring if they choose, however understand some core concepts first is a must!

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